觀物.抒心 大地婆娑 吾亦戚戚

〔晨 2010  水彩  76×45cm


The Dawn

In early spring morning, the fir forest seemed just to wake up.  The forest in which fog hadn’t faded completely displayed a vision of cold tone with intensity before dawn.  Suddenly, the sun penetrated into the coldness, and the pastel tints of light diffused warmth in the air.  The moment was so inviting and made people cannot help to think of being in the paradise.


〔秋光琉璃 2009  水彩  56×76cm


 The Palette of Autumn

In September, the maples should have dressed themselves in red in Northland.  However, the air was still humid and hot in subtropical Taipei.  In a botanical garden, only a few lotus flowers erected in the pond.  The hues and tints of green occupied my sight.  The breeze blew when I walked in the woods.  The light danced and sparkled through the leaves with the wind.  The scene was so beautiful! While pacing on the wood path and watching the flashing visions cheerfully, autumnal scenery suddenly ran into my sight.  The glass yellow and orange glittered in the sky over my head.  Did autumn arrive early or just on time?  The scene encouraged me to visit the botanical garden in early autumn every year because in September I met ‘Autumn’ here…


〔迎曦 2009  水彩  112×76cm


Exploration of a New Day

Rugged rocks clustered at Tern Nature Reserve in the Matsu Islands. Without much human interference, numerous flocks of seabirds made nests to breed in the reserve every summer.  When the morning light shined, thick fog lingered no more and waned quickly.  At the moment seabirds would begin their busy day by flapping their wings to explore every corner of the cape.   They enjoyed their day in the bird paradise.  The vision was full of hope and vitality.  I was deeply affected by its harmony.

〔歇 2009  水彩  112×76cm


Retrospection of the frontier scenery

The mottled post which was eroded by sea wind in the frontier just unloaded its task.  Erecting on the seashore at sunset, it might look aged; however, the heroic history that loaded with the responsibility of guarding the seashore would never be forgotten.  Here might be a place for you and me to struggle for living; it might be a place for us to wait for going back home; or it might be just a shelter for seabirds.  This was ‘Matsu’, a front line of a battlefield once.  I would like to share its unique scenery with you.

〔窗前松影留 2009  水彩  46×90cm


Watching Through the Window

The wooden house, Tze Ching Tang, kept the characteristics of firmness and simplicity in Japaneses structural sytle.  The pine tree in front of the house had erected itself there for decades.  Standing before the window in the house, we still could imangine the spectacularity of the pine tree in those days.  The window had recorded the prosperity of countless lives.  It had witnessed every bit and piece of this land.  The pine would thrive again, and the house would be repaired again.  Time was not important anymore.  Let us just view the trace of life trhough the winodw.


〔歲月不曾帶走的...  2009  水彩  54×76cm


The Pride in the Past

Tourists came and went in a hurry on North Gate Street which was on the process of modernization increasingly.  On the door beam of a famous scholar’s house, the beautiful engraved decorection demonstrated itself for hundreds of years.  The boom had gone, and the color had faded; however, the gray brown color of the wood was subtle and mature with a feature of fortitude after the exposure to the sun, rain and wind.  It was so outstanding.  It quietly related its pride, uniqueness and prominency in the past old time to the bustling tourists.


〔跨 2011  水彩  56×76cm


Breaking the Shackles

Sanhsienta was the famous scenic spot in the east coast of Taiwan.   Its magnificence and cragginess could be clearly viewed from the bridge constructed across the sea.  When looking back, the mountains kept quiet, the waves remained silent, and the clouds billowed in the sky!  It made people feel that it was not difficult to break the shackles, and leave the secular world behind.

〔竹下精靈 2010  水彩  76×56cm


Kingdom of Elves

After nightfall, life was everywhere in Lienhuachih Botanical Garden!   Besides observing frogs and watching fireflies, occasionally tourists could find the fluorescent fungi hiding themselves on the rotten bamboos in the depths of the forest.  Under a circumstance without any lights, the small white fungi emitted faint luminescence.  It seemed that the tourists had just visited a kingdom of elves, not only a garden.


〔春之生 2010  水彩  76×56cm


Birth in Spring

Under the light of spring, the translucent green pigments were swaying in the air with the breeze.  This was a new branch which a tree grew this year.  Like a strong arm, it propped up hope for the whole family.  Under the bushes, some broken branches which might have been destroyed by the windstorm or illness were lying on the ground; they were waiting stilly to see whether they could be utilized again.  Aside, a trunk covered with moss stood humbly; it determinedly protected the new sprout which just germinated among the roots.  Such an image could be viewed on every corner in Kenting Botanical Garden.  Like a drama about vicissitudes of life, it pictured the fate of all living creatures and demonstrated the circulation of life.

〔春光協奏曲 2010  水彩  76×56cm


The Conerto of Spring Light

The sunlight shined on the land among looking glass trees in Kenting Botanical Garden in an afternoon.  Some of the light was intercepted by the board roots.  I imagined that maybe the roots would like to keep the light for the new sprouts hiding in the crack of the roots.  Spots of light floated and flickered with the breeze.  The scenery attracted my sight.  The image twinkled and glinted in my vision.  Pacing on the fallen leaves among the trees, I enjoyed the poetic rhythm of the nature.  The scene is as cheerful as a harmonous concerto.  Even I was influenced and became romantic.

鎖秋光 2012  水彩  155×114cm


The Autumn Sky

The earth was getting the rest in silence in an afternoon after autumn harvest.  On the surface of land, only the traces of wheels could be vividly viewed.  The heavenly God was riding its chariot chasing the autumn wind in the sky.  Under the influence, the clouds piled up and stopped abruptly.  They were squeezed and separated again at the next moment.  When the clouds detached, the clear and bright sky revealed timidly and shyly.  The secnery at the moment was extremely attractive and charming.