童顏.寄語 掬一抹純真笑 淘洗眷戀

〔純真.失落 2011  水彩  70×91cm


The Lost Innocence

“Innocence” was the quality my heart yearned for.  We lost the ability to express our true feelings with age.  The innocent smiles and eye expression can never be acquired again.  Is it never possessed in life or we just lost it?

〔怯 2012  水彩  56×76cm



While walking into a remote tribal village, a small disturbance among the children was aroused with my coming.  A small and shy figure hiding behind the curtain was peeping at the stranger with curiosity.  When the eyes contacted, she blushed; a color of rouge bloomed on her face.  The innocent respond without any modification was extremely charming.


〔山花 2012  水彩  100×114cm


A Wild Rose

There was a girl among my childhood playmates who often went wild together.  She always wore a naïve and ingenuous expression on her face.  With curious big eyes, she explored the worlds without anxiety.  Her figure diffused vitality like a wild rose.

〔歡 2013  水彩  56×76cm


A Girl with a Chaplet

In the cheerful festival celebrated for generations, a little girl wore a chaplet on her head.  Both the girl and the blossom unpretentiously disclosed the features of simplicity and beauty.  The combination of the two created a resplendent moment in life.  The image illustrated the nature of the girl and the blossom.  It is not only the presentation of  their beauty but also the demonstration of the pride.

〔望天.忘憂 2013  水彩  100×114cm


Carefree Childhood

In my childhood it was fun to open up a secret path or hide under the tall grass awn for kids.  Life was carefree and blithe at the period.  I also enjoyed supporting my head with hands and watching clouds in the sky.  Sometimes I might have a daydream or just stay in a daze. By portraying the image, I re-collected and cherished the simplicity and happiness in childhood.


〔柚香 2013  水彩  100×114cm


Pomelo Fragrance

Memories relating to festival can always be more vivid comparing to the ones about ordinary daily life.  The memory of pomelo fragrance at the Moon Festival illustrates the point of view.  Besides having a BBQ with family and friends, wearing a pomelo hat naughtily on the head after peeling could bring more fun.  By portraying the playful image, I would like to present the warm and cozy reunion at the Moon Festival.


〔佑 2013  水彩  56×76cm



A serious illness which attacked me in March implied my body was no longer young.  It was time to face the reality and kept the body fit.  This experience recalled my memory that once in my childhood I was very close to death’s door because of tetanus.  The small figure carried the whole family’s expectation to grow up healthily.  But I did not notice these kind affections at all.  How can I not cherish the benevolent notions and be grateful?

〔簡單•幸福 2013  水彩  76×56cm


The Simple Happiness

In the memory, a bowl of plain noodles could fully satisfy the basic need of hunger. Picking up the noodles earnestly with chopsticks referred to sufficing the primitive need of the body.  Such a simple happiness was a pure enjoyment for me to immerse. 


〔拾 2013  水彩  110×78cm



I can not remember when I started to collect coast stones in Hualien. In the tone of gray, some rough or delicate veins in the stone presented with stripes of alternating black white color.  The texture of the stones became sleek after the wash of the tides, and I enjoyed the glossy feeling holding the pebbles in hands.  I was also fond of picking up the gem-like stones in the waves with my bare feet.  By painting the image, I wanted to re-collect the happiness and satisfaction in childhood.

〔鄉愁 2013  水彩  156×114cm



With age, the segments of memory in childhood often set ambushes and attacked me suddenly without my defense. I tried to stay restrained as a mature adult; however, these plain and true memories were so precious to me.  They did not bring the sentimentality but only the sincerity.  With the image I would like to share my sorrow and grief aroused by bidding farewell to my dearest homeland.

〔歡顏•曾經 2013  水彩  56×76cm


Smiles in the Memory

Growing up in the pure and clean nature, children here disclosed features of simplicity and spirit. Their bright and clear eyes revealed their innocence and naivety. With smiles on their faces, they eased up people’s distress at heart as the breeze caressed sprouts lightly and tenderly. For me, the image has been far away and almost left behind the memory once. Now I am still deeply affected after recollecting the image.